3 Benefits of Work Booth for Modern Workplace

3 Benefits of Work Booth for Modern Workplace

Open-office plans have increased in popularity recently. However, employees want to work without distractions when coming up with new ideas or having online meetings. Here’s 3 benefits of work booths that offer a fine balance between privacy and transparency in open office.

#1 Create Private Space Quickly

When speed and accuracy are critical, or quiet time is necessary for reflection, the noise in open offices is distracting. In work booths surrounded by sound absorbing panels, employees can focus on the work in a quiet and relaxed state without interference from outside and boost productivity.


#2 Get a lot of flexibility with your space

Traditional meeting rooms or conference rooms are of uniform size and occupied a large office space. However, we provide different size and colour options of work booths that office layout can be changed around whenever you like. They are eye-catching with timeless design and customised options that fit your office design and needs.


In Solo booth or Phone booth for employees to have online meeting or a quick call. In Pair or Group meeting booth, employees can concentrate on the lively discussions with team members without being distracted by the surroundings.


#3 Cost-effective & Easy to install

Work booths present a cost-effective alternative to building a room from scratch and can lower your operating costs by up to 45% compared to a traditional fit-out whilst still serving many of the same functions. The project completion time is usually 1-2 days to ensure minimal disruption to operations.

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