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Who we are

Since 1945

The Okamura Corporation had its beginnings in 1945, based in the town of Okamura in Yokohama. With a strong belief in Okamura’s mission, the founding members brought together the technical and financial support to launch the company as the Okamura Manufacturing Facility, a cooperative industry.

Okamura’s Founding Spirit is still alive today in the five principles of the Corporate Philosophy : creation, cooperation, economizing, saving and service. Since its founding, Okamura has provided high‐quality products and services for offices, education, healthcare, R&D, commercial facilities and distribution centers under the motto “Quality pays for itself.” Okamura’s strength lies in its extensive knowledge and technical expertise in many fields, the foundation of creating comfortable spaces for customers worldwide.

Okamura Declaration

“Loving people, creating places”

To increase the number of people who can live their lives in their own way, and to build a society full of smiles, Okamura will continue loving people and creating places where they can thrive.

Since our founding, we’ve developed our business with high aspirations for manufacturing, and created a variety of places, from offices and commercial and logistics facilities to hospitals and schools.

At the root of all of this has always been the heartfelt need to “love people.”

That’s why we at Okamura believe it’s important not only to increase material wealth, but also to develop spiritual wealth, and to live in your own way, choosing your own methods of working and living while respecting one another. If we can increase the number of such people, we can change our society to one that is full of smiles.

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Sparkling Quality

We are obsessed with quality.
Okamura's products are created at its production bases in Japan. In fact, Okamura has more production bases than any other company in the domestic industry.
Our customers trust us for our rigorous quality control in creating the finest products, the stability of our supply chain, meticulous attention to detail and short lead times.

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