Customize Your Own Ergonomic Chair – Contessa Seconda

Customize Your Own Ergonomic Chair – Contessa Seconda
Since 2002, Contessa has set the standard for seating in office spaces around the world. Now, she is reborn as Contessa Seconda. Contessa Seconda unites the flowing, organic lines and charm of the original with new engineering and functionality.
With more color options for the mesh, fabric, and frame. All to meet the demands of the modern work style. Want to customize your ergonomic chair Contessa Seconda? Follow these steps!


Step 1: Choose the seat and backrest

It is important to choose the material that is most suitable for you to have the best seating experience. Our High Performance Mesh is more permeable and lighter in weight for the backrest, and a new luxe-touch mesh for the seat. Our cushion seat is using the Multiple Density Cushion developed by us that promote healthy sitting and posture stability. The soft and supple leather is elegant and beautiful.

Step 2: Select the upholstery color

Available in a choice of 13 mesh and fabric colors including white, beige, dark brown, light grey, medium grey, black, dark blue, sage, dark green, green, yellow, orange red and red. And 4 leather options: white, beige, black, dark brown.

Step 3: Choose the frame and body color

Step 4: Do you need headrest, lumbar support or coat hanger?

We provide more options including headrest, lumbar support and coat hanger for you to sit comfortably. Headrest and lumbar support help to support your neck and lower back. Okamura provides adjustable headrest and lumbar support options to fit every body and task. You may taking off your jacket and hanging upon chair everyday. Coat hanger is a convenient option especially at the office.

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