Dress Up Home Office With Okamura Lives Work Chair

Dress Up Home Office With Okamura Lives Work Chair
Work from home has already been a growing trend and it could ultimately become a necessity due to the takeover of COVID-19 all over the world. Take a look around your home office. Do you feel energised and comfortable? If not, why not increase the comfort of your home office starting by changing the chairs that support your everyday work?
Lives Work Chairs and Work Lounge Chairs are perfect for those who do not need a lot of adjustments but still demand seating comfort. The compact and simple outline realizes a nice design that is supportive to your form.
Designed to fit in your home office or in your living room, Lives chairs are equipped with essentials to keep a comfortable posture. With Okamuraʼs original ankle-tilt reclining mechanism, the chair reclines back up to 15° and allows an upright work posture and a relaxed posture, accessible without any stress on the body.
You can choose from 3 upholstery options, including Interlock, Twill, Leather, and over 30 colour options. The two-toned fabric adds whimsical charm in your workspace. We also have High Back, Low Back, 5-star base, wood base that cater to different needs of the home office.

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