Easy-to-use, Portable Table For Home Use - Risefit 3

Easy-to-use, Portable Table For Home Use - Risefit 3
Ergonomic furniture is the key to create healthy living and work environment. Good furniture allows us to smoothly transit between sitting and standing posture, as well as any movements and postures.
Height adjustable table or standing desk might seems to be a good choice, but some users find the standard size of height adjustable desk is too large for their home and lack of flexibility.
Looking for a small portable table with height adjustment for use at home?
Risefit 3 is a versatile supplementary work table that can be used in any part of your home including home office, living room or kitchen.This easy-to-use table with casters is good for mobility. Smooth height adjustment using its flexible arm and hydraulic pressure switch. The range is 665mm to 1,000mm.
small work table risefit 3 by okamura
This small height adjustable table is suitable for a wide range of uses. It can be a work table, study desk, coffee table, or a surface to place things. 
The flexibility of work sitting and work standing has never been so easy to achieve when you are working or studying.
small study desk
Move your portable work table to dining room or balcony to enjoy the breeze, good view with your favourite wine.
small work desk
Cooking becomes easier with recipe or iPad by your side.
coffee table

Okamura design products to meet users' needs and also concern about the environment. Recycled materials are used in aluminum and wood quality parts. These materials make up about 83% by product weight.

After use, 47% of Risefit 3 can be collected and disassembled into homogeneous materials.

Get your small height adjustable work table now!

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