Okamura’s Eco-friendly Office Chairs

Okamura’s Eco-friendly Office Chairs
You've probably spent time considering sustainability of workplace. Let's start with using the green office chair. Okamura understands office chair is a critical part of any office space and home office, so we design office chairs that combine beauty, ergonomic and sustainability for our customers.
The back frames of Okamura office chairs are design based on a simulated analysis of finite elements, bespeaks the outstanding efforts behind Okamura’s eco-conscious designs. Our product developers optimise the use of resources by minimising the amounts of materials used without sacrificing the outstanding quality, strength and safety of the chairs.
With future recyclability firmly in mind during the design stage, we use homogeneous materials as much as possible. Recycled materials are used in aluminium, steel, plastic and resin parts. These materials make up about 35-50% by product weight.
After use, 90% of Okamura chairs can be collected and disassembled into homogeneous materials to facilitate the reuse of parts recovered from post-use products and material recycling. The materials used in major components are clearly identified.
We have conducted many product testings including durability, load bearing strength, stability, transport and measure the volumes of VOCs emitted, as well as the volumes of specific harmful substances, to ensure the product quality. Most of our chairs are GREENGUARD (Gold) certificated which means they are certified for low chemical emissions for the protection of interior environments.

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