Contessa Seconda Mesh Back & Cushion Seat

Contessa Seconda Mesh Back & Cushion Seat

Upholstery Color: Light Gray
Frame & Base: Silver Frame & Base
Body: Gray Body
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Contessa Seconda Ergonomic Chair

A Superb Fit to Everybody

An award-winning ergonomic chair  that cater to any workplace and home office. With 4D smart operation armrests, you can adjust your entire seating experience with a touch of fingertips, including height adjustment and reclining lock.

It brings sophisticated and leisurely comfort to any home, perfect for when working long hours.


W650/702 x D570/620 x OH994/1104 x SH434/544mm​

  • Frame: Die-cast aluminum ​
  • Leg: Die-cast aluminum ​
  • Upholstery: Mesh / Polyester / 100% Leather​
  • Collaborated with Italian designer, ITALDESIGN​
  • Smart operation mechanism ​
  • Multi-density seat cushion​
  • 4D adjustable armrests ​
  • Ankle-tilt reclining function ​
  • Reclining lock & tension adjustable ​
  • Seat height adjustable ​
  • Sliding seat ​
  • 5-star base on hard castors ​
Contesssa Seconda 腰靠

4D Adjustable Armrests

Can be adjusted in four dimensions: height, depth,
width, and angle — enabling the most comfortable elbow support for the various tasks at hand.

Ankle-tilt Reclining

Recline of up to 26°. Using the ankle as a pivot point, this
mechanism moves in sync with the seat, for greater support — stimulating variation in posture and relaxation, with uninterrupted comfort.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

Available for retro-fit — is height adjustable for greater comfort (stroke 60mm).

Smart Operation Mechanism​

Adjust your entire seating experience with a touch of your fingertips.

Seat Depth Adjustment

Adjustment of the seat’s depth, within a range of 50mm, is available using the levers beneath the seat

The Perfect Fit.

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Contessa Seconda Ankle-Tilt Reclining

Ankle-tilt reclining

A professional office chair with smart operation mechanism

Smart operation mechanism

Contessa Seconda 4D armrest

4D adjustable armrests

Contessa Seconda Reclining tension adjustment

Reclining tension adjustment

Contessa Seconda Seat Depth Adjustment

Seat depth adjustment

Contessa Seconda Small Adjustable Headrest

Small adjustable headrest

Contessa Seconda High Performance Mesh

High performance mesh

Multiple Density Cushion

Multiple density cushion

Enjoy the comfort you deserve

In 2002, Contessa set the standard for seating in office spaces around the world. 

In 2016, she is reborn as Contessa II. It unites the flowing, organic lines and charm of the original with new engineering and functionality. Contessa II is the evolution of an icon — for the workplace of today, and of tomorrow.

Refresh Your Room

Your home deserves the best.


reddot design award
german design award
good design
good design award 2016