3 Home Office Decor Ideas For WFH

3 Home Office Decor Ideas For WFH
The pandemic has changed our lives and the way we work. COVID-19 makes work from home the new normal. Many companies and workers realised that working from home allowed them to be more productive than they were in their traditional office.
However, they are facing challenge with the home office environment such as without a suitable space for concentrating on work and without comfortable furniture. This led to health problems such as low back pain and reducing the productivity.
Do you want to upgrade your home office with comfortable furniture? We have 3 ideas for you to evolute your home environment with suitable furniture.

Idea 1: Work Room for concentrating on work

Quiet environment is essential for people who need to work from home for long time. No matter you are doing normal tasks or having online meeting, you need a work room to focus on work and without distraction.
Here’s some furniture we recommended you: height adjustable desk, ergonomic chair, filing cabinet, lamp and computer stand. Our height adjustable table SS desk and office chair Finora with ergonomic design can help you improve sitting posture and increase productivity.

Idea 2: Work Space at bedroom or living room

Looking for some space-saving furniture to work in a tiny space?
Okamura’s Cynara is a task chair that integrates intuitive, responsive functionality with a clean-cut, refined aesthetic to complete any work setting. We sought to create the lightest possible task chair for the twin benefits of reduced CO2 emissions and easy handling. You can change your home office design easily.

Idea 3: Flexible Work Spot to work in everywhere

Some may not want to create a specific office space at home since they need to return to normal office in the future. What you need is a flexible work table and stylish chair. Our Risefit 3 is a small portable table with height adjustment. It can be used in any part of your home including home office, living room or kitchen. This easy-to-use table with casters is good for mobility.
Also, Lives Work Chairs are equipped with essentials to keep a comfortable posture, while having many colour options. We provide High Back, Low Back, 5-star base, wood base that cater to different needs of the home.

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