Work From Home Décor Idea: Create a Functional Work Zone at Living Room

Work From Home Décor Idea: Create a Functional Work Zone at Living Room
Though we are slowly shifting back to normalcy and most of us can now return to the office, hybrid and remote working will always be an option for some companies. The pandemic and introduction of working from home had reshaped our concept of home and how we use our spaces. Are you turning your living space into a workspace?
Building a work room can increase productivity and work without distraction. But some may not want to create a specific office space at home. If you are looking for home office furniture to create a flexible and functional work zone at living room or bedroom, here’s some essential gear for you!

#1 Stylish Ergonomic Chair

To craft a workable and comfortable home office, an ergonomic chair always comes first. A computer chair with ergonomic and responsive functionality is designed for maximum comfort while reducing the risk of pains and aches in common areas such as your neck, back and shoulders.
Our Lives Work Chair is one of the best Japanese ergonomic chairs in Hong Kong to promote healthy sitting postures. It features synchro-reclining, tension preference, upright lock and height adjustment. Upholstered in your selected fabric, it’s a perfect work chair for a stylish living room.

#2 Small Height Adjustable Table

Height adjustable tables are designed to provide optimum comfort and minimize potential injuries due to hours working in the same position. They also reduce the amount of time spent sitting.
When talking about the desk with height adjustment, you may think it’s a big desk that takes too much space. Beside standard ergonomic desk SW, we also produce small portable tables Risefit 3 and Stafit 2 with height adjustment. The easy-to-use tables with casters can be used in any part of your home including work zone, living room, bedroom or kitchen.

#3 Panel for concentration 

With the diversification of working styles such as remote work, creating a concentrated environment has become an issue. The panels create a barrier to sound and visual distractions at home, transforming your living space into a hub of concentration and best area for online meetings, phone calls and webinars. The panels are lightweight and foldable, so they can be used anywhere.

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