Ergonomic Chair, Gaming Chair, Office Chair: How to Choose?

Ergonomic Chair, Gaming Chair, Office Chair: How to Choose?
People are looking for multi-functional living space design, especially a “Does It All” room. It can be a space for rest and entertainment, and sometimes it needs to be transformed into a home office or study area. Therefore, it is necessary to create an environment that is comfortable and look good, while able to maintain a healthy environment.
A chair with sufficient support is particularly important. Sitting for a long time with a supportive chair can reduce the burden on the body. There are different type of chairs on the market. Ergonomic chairs, gaming chairs, general office chairs, etc.
Which one is the most suitable for you? First of all, you should ask yourself what your main purposes of buying a chair are and the approximate usage time every day. If you will sit for a long time to work, study, play games, or watch dramas, you need to choose carefully.
So what are the differences between ergonomic chairs, gaming chairs and general office chairs?

#1 Functions 

Compared with general office chairs, ergonomic chairs and gaming chairs have more accessories and functions, such as headrest, backrest tilt, armrests, and lumbar support to support the body. Gaming chairs emphasise comfort, while the design of ergonomic chairs pays more attention to supporting force to help users maintain a correct sitting posture. Ergonomic chairs have a variety of adjustable functions, such as the depth of the seat to fit different body type.

#2 Materials & Design

There are many styles, design and color of computer chairs, so users can select according to personal preferences, home decoration style and space size.
The ergonomic chairs are mostly made of mesh, fabric or leather and their appearance is more like an office chair or executive chair. It is simple and suitable for home office space.
Gaming chairs are mostly in black, matching with a few bright colours. They look more gorgeous and attractive. However, in order to facilitate dyeing, artificial leather is often used, and the air permeability is insufficient. The seat design is based on racing seats, emphasising the sense of wrapping, fitting the body shape, and enhancing the game feeling for gamers. But it also limits the space of the seat, thus it is recommended to measure the seat width and depth first.
Ergonomic chairs, gaming chairs, and general office chairs have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the seating experience varies from person to person. If you are planning to buy a new chair, it is recommended to have a try-out and compare which one is best for you.

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